Doctoral Researcher in Sociology

The Department of Sociology at Trinity College Dublin is seeking to appoint a highly motivated and outstanding doctoral researcher for a period of 4 full years (48 months). The doctoral candidate will conduct an innovative PhD project that will investigate the effectiveness of Irish employment services in enabling the employment of immigrants and alleviating their risk of long-term unemployment. There is very little academic research on immigrants’ interaction with employment services in the European context. Ireland is an interesting case given the high levels of immigration witnessed since the early 2000s and the disproportionately negative effect of recent economic crises on immigrant employment levels. The project will analyse public policy on the employment of migrant workers between 2010 and 2020 and collect data using (a selection of) the following research methodologies: the analysis of secondary survey and administrative data; collection of survey data from foreign and Irish born residents using employment services; and qualitative interviews with service providers and immigrant users.

The project provides the PhD student with the opportunity to carry out policy relevant empirical research, which will produce new knowledge on the politically and socially relevant topic of the role of the state in fostering immigrant employment. They will gain a sound theoretical grounding in political sociology, organisational sociology and the sociology of work and migration. The student will be integrated into a project, with an innovative mixed methods approach to the study of immigrants’ access to employment, with the opportunity of developing advanced methods in policy analysis, organisational analysis, statistical techniques and qualitative research. The student also will gain skills in project management, research communication and policy-oriented research practice. They will  receive training in advanced social science research methods as part of the PhD.

The project will be funded by the TCD Provost PhD Award, a prestigious award from Trinity College Dublin. The Department of Sociology of Trinity College Dublin will provide all logistic, academic and intellectual support by integrating the PhD candidate into the large group of social science doctoral students at TCD.

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